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Portrait fev2019, Jessika LERAY, SIL_015




I believe in the power of the image

who honors  the body,

the emotions,


impulses of the moment

through photography.


-In front or behind the device,

the idea of superb is paramount-



Introduced to drawing and photography in my younger years,

I am in love with visual storytelling,

and I want to tell you

like you never imagined

to be able to do it, hear it, see it.

  Our photo shoot is a meeting .

a moment of grace ,

an exceptional moment that we will live together!

We choose each other and

I would try to erase your fears,

to exalt your desires ,

to tickle your desire,

to (re)awaken the other within you. 


in Paris or anywhere in the world.





My clients talk about it the best

"I loved Jessika's professionalism, whether during the photoshoot or post-production. During the shoot, Jessika immediately put me at ease and didn't hesitate to lie down on the floor to show me the breaks she wanted. She is full of ideas and her enthusiasm is contagious"



Nov 2019

"I loved Jessika's welcome. She gives you confidence, takes the time necessary for each pose to explain how to do it, puts you at ease. Her look is encouraging. The place was superb. It was a very pleasant moment ."



Oct 2019

"I did a Boudoir session with Jessika in September 2019, I loved it! Jessika has a look, a way of transcribing it in her photos that sublimates the woman. The make-up, the shooting, the way of posing that Jessika gives us shows, boosts self-confidence and it feels good. I am a woman over 50 and I really recommend a session with Jessika, she will sublimate you and you will have magnificent photos. Besides, it's very funny to get caught up in the game."



september 2019

"I am delighted with my glamorous shoots,  Jessika was able to put me at ease, very good advice from a great professional. TOP I have the attention to redo other photos."



April 2019

"Jessika listens and was able to respond perfectly to my wishes while giving a lot of advice, she guides us throughout the session and it's great. Without forgetting the make-up artist who was also at the top, a shocking duo !"



December 2019

"Jessika puts you super at ease, over the photos you get a taste for it."



March 2020

"His way of putting us at ease and his look as a photographer"

Mrs Raphaelle


March 2020

"Super contact, Jessika is very attentive, she puts you at ease and knows how to highlight her models."



January 2020

"The sets, the lighting, Jessika put me at ease, she is funny and very professional, it's really a co-creation, she personalizes the session and adapts to my needs."



July 2018

© JESSICA LERAY. All images, text and content are copyright.






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