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 Le S hooting

Do you want to get organized un moment unique??

Jessika LERAY photographer is committed to making you a special moment for the exceptional woman that you are.

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Who doesn't dream of having a moment when you can disappear to devote yourself only to yourself?


What I am offering you is a unique moment just for you, where everything is done to make you feel beautiful.

A moment of   relaxation with laughter, music...


My clients and my models are not professionals.


They are moms, businesswomen, survivors..

Women who have always wanted, but without taking the time or sometimes simply without taking the plunge....


Together, we will discover this woman, and you will love your images!


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We will do the prise de vue week or weekend depending on your availability.

Then, a few days later, you will receive a digital contact sheet, allowing you to have a first selection of our work.

You will choose your photos...

And we just have to wait for the final result!







Want a custom black and white leather bound album, or   a cheekier sexier package??


You want to regain confidence and bring out your sensuality to amaze your husband

or make an ex drool??  Done!


You want a photo series portrait for your site,   a book jacket, for facebook, Lindkedin

or a portrait??   Let's do it!

Every encounter is a celebration, tailor-made with memories that will last your lifetime.  

And the photos will last even longer...!


Because honestly, we have time if we take the time..  


contact me to choose your amazing weekend! And I believe that if you are tempted... 

-you should.


B commeboudoir answers you...

ps: I love the other projects besides the boudoir. I am also published in   magazines for travel and events..

New challenges are my thing, so don't hesitate!

my phone:


© JESSICA LERAY. All images, text and content are copyright.





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