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I believe in the power of the image

who honors  the body,

the emotions,


impulses of the moment

through photography.


-In front or behind the device,

the idea of superb is paramount-



Introduced to drawing and photography in my younger years,

I am in love with visual storytelling,

and I want to tell you

like you never imagined

to be able to do it, hear it, see it.

  Our photo shoot is a meeting .

a moment of grace ,

an exceptional moment that we will live together!

We choose each other and

I would try to erase your fears,

to exalt your desires ,

to tickle your desire,

to (re)awaken the other within you. 


in Paris or anywhere in the world.


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0033 (0)6 62 88 19 59

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My contact: 0033(0)6 .

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