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Jessika not only is adorable but she knows how to pose, she takes her time and guides us. She became my official photographer ;)


I spent a magical afternoon with Jessika for a boudoir photo shoot. She was able to guide me, put me at ease during the session. She took her time and was very inventive in her poses. The pictures are wonderful. I regularly look at my album and don't see myself in the same light since I took these photos. I regained my self-confidence!

Thank you for this magical experience!

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Boudoir, Glamour, Luxe, Mood, sensuelle,

"laugh, self-confidence, fun, , 

some words

to describe the  FABULOUS TIME I had!"


I loved Jessika's welcome. She gives you confidence, takes the time necessary for each pose to explain how to do it, puts you at ease. His gaze is encouraging. The place was superb. It was a very pleasant moment. 

-Marie Line

Jessika immediately puts you at ease and always has lots of creative ideas, the rendering is really very good 😉 


I did a Boudoir session with Jessika in September 2019, I loved it! Jessika has a look, a way of transcribing it in her photos which sublimates the woman. The makeup, the shoot, the way of posing that Jessika shows us, boosts self-confidence and it feels good I am a woman over 50 and I really recommend a session with Jessika, she will sublimate you and you will have magnificent photos In addition, it's very funny to get caught up in the game.


I am delighted with my glamorous shoots, Jessika knew how to put me at ease, very good advice from a great professional. TOP I have the attention to redo other photos 


Jessika puts you super at ease, over the photos you get a taste for it.

Thank you the photos are beautiful.


Jessica is a true professional. She knows how to put you at ease quickly. The breaks are original and correspond to you. The quality of his work is excellent. Warm and very pleasant, I highly recommend her.


Jessika is attentive and able to respond perfectly to my wishes while giving a lot of advice, she guides us throughout the session and it's great. Without forgetting the make-up artist who was also at the top, a shock duo!

I will start the experiment again as soon as possible


Super contact, Jessika is very attentive, she puts you at ease and knows how to highlight her models.


His way of putting us at ease and his look as a photographer.


His way of putting us at ease and his photographer's gaze


“Also, I should have said this in my original email, but – LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos! Thanks a lot!

Such an amazing experience.



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