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The portrait is a particular exercise in photography. The photo portrait requires greater technique.

Your portrait will be different  depending on the sensitivity of the photographer and the chemistry of the two people.

Realizing a portrait is a fabulous moment of exchange and intimacy that is created during a photo session. It's a unique  and precious moment when you let yourself look at yourself and leave me full of confidence for an amazing result!

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  Opt for the Portrait Photo Session , to offer or for yourself, an effective method for self-confidence while sensuality.

Female Photographer working mainly in Paris,  in the South of France and Geneva (but I travel according to demand).


The portrait photo shoots take place   most of the time in a photo studio at the gates of Paris, but several districts of Paris or Versailles invite you to stroll in the streets and also do the photo shoot outdoors !


The portrait photo shoot is a photo shoot where we will do ressortir all your femininity . Thanks to poses  and female attitudes   that I will show you as the session progresses.

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This exceptional moment, where you will take the time to prepare yourself with a 100% feminine , attentive and professional team.


During the photo session at the "Portrait de Femme" photo studio,  you will be photographed like a star, you will appreciate this moment of pure sweetness,   this experience unique that will reveal your beauty, while  sublimating you and restoring your self-confidence!!

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Inspiration Portrait (click on it)

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