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The Photo Shoot

wedding boudoir

pour un evjf ou pour un cadeau de future mariée

inspiration boudoir mariage volupté

After the wedding, it's not easy to mourn an entire year of intensive preparations, to have nothing more to organise, decorate and above all to say to yourself :_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_“ it's over, I'll never wear my beautiful wedding dress again, nor even my lingerie  from the wedding…_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5cfb-58d_bad “ .

But where did the "Boudoir" photo shoots come from?

It's a  trend straight from across the Channel : the Boudoir session. 


Inspired by fashion magazines and light years away from erotic or charming photos of the 80s, Boudoir photography has been gaining momentum in France for several months : elegant women,  glamor, all in softness, finesse and sensuality.


Much sexier than a classic Trash The Dress session, it showcases the bride-to-be in her D-Day outfit, in lingerie and  in underwear de wedding night ...

séance photo boudoir mariage, femme photographe

Ideally, the wedding boudoir shoot is at réaliser  before the wedding in order to surprise your husband with your unusual gift and to give on the evening of D-Day_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_: a nice album with the outfit you will wear… or the photos you drop by drop throughout the day..

What to wear during the photo shoot Boudoir ?

Traditionally, Boudoir wedding photo shoots are done in lingerie: basque, balconette, bodysuit, shorty or thong… all wrapped in a bridal veil....


You choose according to your preferences or the preferences of Mr.. 


Some photos can also be taken in a nightie or even in a pretty negligee, even naked or draped.


In short, everything that makes you terribly sensual and sexy  !

For a gift with sensual memories and full of love.

As part of a Boudoir wedding session for the Future Bride , the lingerie and accessories that will be worn on D-Day are privileged : shoes, jewellery, veil and possibly your wedding dress.


Pastel/light tones are chosen as a priority, to bring softness to your photos.

séance photo boudoir mariage, shooting wedding boudoir

So, are you ready!?? 

To do well, we need a 3-week delay between making contact and the photo print...
But, anything is possible!

Just let me know the day you make contact, and see how we can organize together for your wedding boudoir photo shoot. 

Make the future bride that you are the most sensual and beautiful woman in the eyes of the man in your life.

This intimate moment that you share will only be proof of your confidence in your love for him.

I want my session but have no more budget...

No worries, you can pay up to 3 times free of charge

Make your wedding a unique moment of complicity!

wedding boudoir shoot inspiration

Enterrement de vie de jeune fille 

L'évènement entre amies!

Vous souhaitez organiser pour votre amie, la future mariée une journée hors du commun dont elle se souviendra toute sa vie!?,

Je vous propose le temps d'une demie journée ou plus de vous accompagner lors de l'enterrement de vie de jeune fille (evjf) et  de l'immortaliser que cela soit à Paris ou ailleurs.

Nous pouvons également effectuer une séance photo de groupe et une séance photo boudoir "spéciale" mariée dans l'intérieur de votre choix ou en extérieur à Paris ou ailleurs. Je me ferais une joie d'organiser et planifier avec vous cet évènement pleins de complicités.

collaborant avec des maquilleuses, yogistes,  masseuse, professeurs pour la danse (spécialisé pour les mariages) et pour apprendre à marcher avec des talons...! Je suis sûrs que nous pouvons faire de cette journée unique un moment magnifique!

N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus de renseignements. Votre journée sera du sur-mesure et à votre image!!

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