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Can all women be models?


Of course!

All  are welcome for my shooting sessions. 

What I can promise you is to create flattering images to better show your personality.

All women can be beautiful, and my job is to show how beautiful you are. 



Will my photos be on the Internet?


Nope !Unless you agree and give your consent in writing .

If you have given your consent but some photos do not please you or make you uncomfortable,

together we will find a solution that will satisfy you.


Should I bring my own lingerie?


Yes, bring your own lingerie for the session.

I can have jewelry and accessories available. 

Bring outfits that you  are comfortable in, and that match your personality.



What about makeup and hair, I do it myself  ?


You have two options for this.

You have the possibility to choose between a complete session with hairstyle and make-up,

or a more basic version in which you do your own make-up and hairstyle.



Can I bring a friend?


I prefer to work face to face with my models, simply because an audience can put you under pressure,

  If you still want to come with someone, I limit it to one person, who will not be present during the shoot.




I can't do my shoot on the reserved day, can I report it ?


Yes, as long as you notify at least 48 hours in advance. In this case, we will find another slot together.

But we cannot postpone the appointments indefinitely.


Where are the sessions held?


Forthis, a multitude of proposals are offered to you:

At home, at the hotel, at the studio, or elsewhere.


Payment/Refund Policy


A deposit of 50% of the balance is requested when booking the session, at the latest on the day of the shooting,

the balance when you pick up your order.

No order will be delivered without full payment.

The price of the session and the order of the products are not refundable.

You have the final say on the edits and the final design of the album and photos.

Nothing will be published without your consent.









© JESSICA LERAY. All images, text and content are copyright.





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